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I post a lot of ghei guys in my blog, mostly South Park or Homestuck. So, it's a warning folks. Could visit my blog anytiiime!!

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i didn’t draw ducks but i was planning to draw him with ducklings

"  extra with flower crown yes? :) "

Pewds, Cry, and Ken ver. | "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

Art here
Video here
Original song here

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So I’m summarizing the first arc of Okami —


For those who are possibly interested in watching it, but feel overwhelmed by the amount of videos they’d need to catch up on.

10 hours worth.

I just now finished the script after a few hours of memory searching/research and realization that this is going to take a while. LOOK AT THIS THING.

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gun perspective in FPS games doesn’t make any sense

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i’ve had these (clichéd) drawings in my sketchbook for a while and i figured i was never going to scan them so i just took a pic of all of them instead

cause sometimes you have to draw characters with song lyrics and live out all your clichés


Zombie apocalypse

Artists: http://madkun.deviantart.com/gallery/36368145/my-drawings

Their artwork is amazing!


All of the above by Malchik @ deviantART

Reposted with permission

(Token is not in the collection yet but these were all uploaded fairly recently so hopefully he’ll be added soon?)