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This Blog is random as fuck.

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TurkiePie aka. Turkie is here. Posting/Reblogging random stuffs in here. Currently in Homestuck, Hetalia, Free!, etc. Fandom. I don't know what should I post. Please enjoy my blog, stalker or reader, whatever.

Rivaine’s Bio —

[Victubia OC]

Name: Rivaine Ravenclaw Stotch/Rivaine Ravenclaw DeWitt
Nickname: Lord Rivaine, Cat Lord, Raven
Age: 18
Place & Birth Date: Victubia, 12th June 1995
Gender: Male
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 63 kg

=== Personality ===

Rivaine is nice and out-going person. Though, sometimes he was acting cold and arrogant whenever he was disguising as Raven. Also, he easily felt annoyed with someone’s teasing or something like that, it would made him pissed off. But, good thing he can control his emotions. Not like his other personality. He always trying to making himself calmed down whenever he was mad or another thing that making him easily annoyed. And, he was quite careless of the things he must protected or saved. Such as some diamonds and cash.

=== Appearance ===

Rivaine has blue hair and dark blue eyes. He usually wears an eyemask and a blue coat that same as his color. Sometimes he wears a red glasses also a top hat on his head. Also, he wears a tie or a bowtie, being such as gentleman or classy person. Has too much “swag” indeed. Since he was trying to leave the Victubia without knowing by anyone in there, he was using his disguise as Raven with a black hair and also blue eyes. Also a red-brimmed cap and a brown-stripes jacket.

=== Relatives ===

- Nathaniel Leopold Stotch [Father, Deceased]
- Elizabeth Victoria Stotch [Mother, Deceased]
- David Shane Stotch [Older Brother]
- Reinard Lionclaw Stotch [Twin Brother]
- Clarisse Petunia Stotch [Younger Sister]
- James Bengtsson [Uncle]
- Mattias DeWitt [Husband]

=== History ===

Rivaine is a Victubian who lives in the south-east of Victubia and moves into the capital of Victubia along with his parents and his siblings, they lives in a quite huge mansion somewhere in the capital. Also he heard about his uncle, James, whom also lives in the capital had some interesting things in there. So, they were led a happy life. But someday, his parents were murdered by a mysterious shadow when they were going out to the forest. There were no information after that accident was reported and Rivaine was lived with his siblings. Few years later when Rivaine was already 14 years old, he went to the Victubia Magi Academy for learning some magical spells and also some alchemies. He was studied there for few years until he was perfectly learned the Fire and Ice element. After he was studied in VMA, he was going to adventuring around the world and records his adventure with the only thing he has, VideoTape Recorder 2000 and that tool was he modified it also didn’t sell in the stores. After few months adventuring, his older brother was suggested him to going out to the other world, other from the Victubia. It’s because Rivaine was such an adventurous person so it would be interesting for him. So, he uses his disguise as his uncover name was Raven because of his middle name. Then, he leaves Victubia without being noticed by anyone. Few years after travelling and arrived in Washington D.C. where his age was around 18, he found a large academy but it almost same as the capitol but more smaller. That academy name is Greenville Academy. Since he had graduated from the VMA, why he can’t just go as a student in that academy? Then he registered into that academy and saving some of his savings for paying the academy venue. So, that is how Rivaine’s life as a normal student whom has unordinary powers those ordinary humans don’t have and new friends. He also missed his old friends such as Cry, Russ, Red, Snake, Raven, Scott, Minx, Krism, Pewds, Marzia and Ken.

=== Abilities ===

- Rivaine can do some magic skills after learning from the Victubia Magi Academy such as Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Metal, Lightning, etc. But mostly he was using Fire and Ice.
- He can use his agility skills for making him 3-100 times faster than anyone. But the skill had limited uses.
- His only weapon is his ring. He was modified the ring into any weapons were available. Commonly he uses swords, spears and guns.
- He also can mind reading also controlling, knowing people by their appearance and their names.
- He can controls the time, since he can be called as Time Lord but people didn’t notice that he can controls the time using his powers.
- He also can use his flute for summoning the animals he wanted such as cats, ants, etc.
- He can heals people and creatures but it’s only limited if his mana still there.
- He can do some summoning such as thing and creatures. And its cooldown is 6 minutes.

=== Trivia ===

- Rivaine has some pets but mostly cats. So, he was being called Cat Lord.
- Sometimes he always changes appearance, depends on his master what appearance he wanted to be.
- He died in countless of times. Most of it are suiciding.
- Whenever he was depressed, he does some of suicidal missions for himself until someone would calming him.
- Rivaine and Mattias were already married in 13th April 2014
- He also uploads some his adventures through his Victube.
- Sometimes, his hobbies were taking as a career for him, such as the singing and stuffs.
- He was be friends with animals except frogs and snakes. Because it was his fear.

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warm up ?? ??


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Tomato Gang


this is the best thing ever


this is the best thing ever

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